Sitaly Tours profile

10 years in the tourism sector

With ten years of experience in the sector on our side, we are happy to introduce Sitaly Tours, a new tourism initiative based on professionalism and a fresh youthful outlook. We appreciate how important it is today to satisfy the new needs and aspirations of 21st-century travellers.

Sitaly Tours, which is based in Alberobello (Bari, Italy), offers a catalogue of holiday options aimed at raising awareness of the Puglia and Basilicata regions (and in particular the historic towns of Alberobello and Matera) by providing a full and rewarding experience without neglecting the traditions and singularities that have made the area famous.

Discovering a glorious landscape…

Come and explore with us a landscape on which the passage of peoples of diverse origins has left vivid and indelible traces, features unique enough to gain them entry onto the list of Unesco World Heritage sites.

On our platform you will discover a host of interesting ideas for organising a trip to this incomparable area. Whether it’s for you, or to make someone the perfect present, we can tailor an itinerary that will offer total immersion in the everyday life of the region and the opportunity to inhabit it fully. We’ll leave nothing to chance and will always be on hand to match your innermost desires.

The team at Sitaly Tours is always available to take you in greater detail through our suggestions and to listen to your own. Come and see us!